Monday, February 14, 2011

Udderly Amazing BFLs

Several of my BFLs are gearing up for lambing. Their udders are starting to swell up. Their 'back ends' are starting to soften and get bright pink. Their waddling in and out of the barn is just cuter than words. I put the BFL together only a day earlier than the Shetlands. I do think however that the BFL cycle earlier so I'll expect them to lamb earlier. I checked most of them for udders last night at their PM feeding. It appears most of the ones that have lambed before will all lamb together early. It looks as though the F2 Rossiebank ram lamb, Wycliffe, did his job well :)

They shouldn't start lambing until March 9 or thereabouts which is about 2 weeks away so I won't get TOO crazy about checking in the barn yet, but I will have everything done before they come this year. Let's hope they are better moms this time around!


Jenny Holden said...

Exciting times! Can't wait for my annual fix of lamb photos!

Becky Utecht said...

Garrett you scared me! March 9th isn't two weeks away, it's a little over three weeks away. My natural colored BFL ewe, Rhynn is on the calendar for March 10th. I'd better get my CDT shots done tomorrow. I've got three BFL ewes with good udders going and two with nothing (one is ewe lamb though). The Shetland ewe who is on the calendar for March 12th doesn't have much of a bag going yet. Hopefully she didn't take with the BFL ram.

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