Monday, February 14, 2011

Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival 2011

I wanted to share with everyone that there will be THREE Shetland Sheep Society members coming over to the Jefferson WS&WF in September 2011. All three are SSS certified ram inspectors and SSS certified judges. This will be a huge weekend of education and learning and I am so excited they are all coming! They are VERY modest in their bio's and I cannot wait until they arrive!

Here are the bio's for two of three people.

Alan A. Hill
Vice President (ex chairman) Shetland sheep Society

I was raised and educated with a rural background and had a grounding in beef cattle & heavy horses.
In my early marriage kept poultry & Jacobs, Wensleydales and finally Shetland sheep in the early to mid 1980's.
I became a member of the then Shetland Sheep Breeders Group in 1985, the year of its formation.
Elected to committee of the SSBG in 1988 then under the Chairmanship of Dr S.H.U Bowie. I was elected to chairman in October 1990 and re-elected chairman in the following years until retiring from that position in September 2003. I was then elected an Honorary Vice President of the now Shetland Sheep Society.
I was appointed a judge for the Society in 1988 and I've judge all of the Major shows in the UK where Shetland sheep are represented. The Royal Show of England , The Great Yorkshire Show, Royal Bath & West Show, The Royal Highland Show of Scotland and the vast majority of county and regional shows throughout the UK including judging at Voe Show on the Shetland Islands.
On retiring from " the chairmanship" I reverted to showing sheep again taking many Supreme and reserve supreme championships at shows throughout the UK. I have also taken top honours at SSS shows and sales. In 2007 I won the SSS UK small flock showing competition.

Kate Sharp
I was raised and educated with a rural background, and a grounding with horses, dogs and other animals
I married a farmer in 1987 kept poultry, horses, dogs, Shetland sheep and many other breeds.. From 1988/89 I have concentrated on breeding and showing Shetland sheep and I also started my hand spinning & knitwear business.
I was a SSS committee member for 6 years
After being appointed a Judge and Ram inspector for the SSS I have judged many of the major SSS shows in the UK including The Royal Show of England, Royal Bath and West, The Royal Highland Show of Scotland and have had the honour of judging on the Shetland Islands at Voe Show in 2009.
Over many years I have been very successful in the show ring winning top honours at many SSS represented shows and sales throughout the UK including winning The Royal show of England, The Great Yorkshire show 4 times and The Royal Highland show 3 times.
The SSS Champion of champions UK held every 5 years started in
2000 I won reserve supreme champion with my Moorit ram,
2005 I won supreme champion with my black shearling ewe,
2010 I qualified my grey katmoget shearling ewe (co-owned with Alan Hill) and also my moorit shearling ewe who qualified at Melton Mowbray SSS show and sale (see SSS website)
I have mainly concentrated on breeding moorits, blacks, grey katmogets sheep for over 20yrs and still doing so.

Several years ago I went into partnership with Alan Hill to concentrate on breeding a flock of Grey Shetland sheep, we have been very successful doing so
Together we run over 150 Shetlands


Kelly Bartels said...

Thank you Garrett for being instrumental in getting these 3 judges to our humble show in Jefferson, WI.
Are they only here to judge the show or will there be clinics that spectators can attend at WSWF?

Garrett808 said...

I am going to say that yes there will be seminars and time for Q and A with the judges! Much to learn from them!

corinne said...

I. Can't. Wait!!!!

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