Monday, June 13, 2011

Black Sheep Gathering

Trying to finalize my trip! It looks as though I will leave around June 22 and be home around June 28. My dad is taking care of all animals (thanks Dad!) but it will be easy on him since all the sheep (rams included) and cattle (bulls included) are in lush pastures and will be just needing daily fence checks to make sure the fences are not down or someone is stuck.

I will be taking Oliver and Zoe with me to place them in their forever homes and Ballantyne and Brewer get to make the trip out west to see their daddy Pilot's breeders. It should be a good time.

If anyone needs hauling I'm the cheapest there is! Someone inquired with a professional hauler for about a 12 hour trip and the first animal was quoted at 1065.00 and each additional animal 65.00. I guess my rates don't look so bad after all :) And I'm doing a 29 hour trip so double that price! :) :)

I'm so fortunate to have a dad who is willing to help me out, and a business that I can get everything squared away before I leave and can leave in good hands until I return.

Unless something changes, this will probably be my last trip west for awhile. The only way I can afford to go is if I am able to transport animals for people and this year is a slightly more meager year in that regard.

Can't wait to see those of you who are going there! Should be fun as always!


Michelle said...

EEEK! That's a week from this Wednesday that you're leaving; I need to get more info from Kim in order to make a decision and allow you two to meet up!

Rayna said...

Wish I had the money to be able to bring back some new blood from there.

Somerhill said...

Have a great time, Garrett, and be careful on the drive!

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