Monday, March 12, 2012

Any day

Any day will start lambing! The first that looks ready to lamb based on tightness of udder is WhitePine Eiffel 65 (Jazz x Sommarang Emerald) who is a smirslet flecket sokket gray katmoget. This is her first lambing as a 2 year old and she is bred to Crosswinds Apollo (mioget flecket smirslet) so spots should be the rave from this pairing. Others that look eminent are one of my BFL ewes, ShelteringPines Catalonia and a black Shetland ewe ShelteringPines Tresor who I am hoping is bred to Stephen's ram Grand Luxe!

Stay tuned....Any day.

In the mean time I will be rooing WhitePine Levi AI (67.5% UK bloodlines) again. He's already rooed most of his neck and belly wool so this should be an easy task :) stay tuned for photos

1 comment:

Kelly Bartels said...

You better post some pictures of that mister!!! :)

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