Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shetland Lambs

Just after Mike and Kelly left this morning, I went to do chores and after finding no new lambs at 7am this morning, didn't think I'd find any now. Low and behold, there was NEW lambs!!

After not having a ton of spots for awhile, they are back at Ramsay Farms!

Below is a yuglet sokket moorit ram lamb with horn buds. His yuglets are so large he'll probably be registered as a smirslet because I'm sure as he grows the white will get smaller.
 here is momma shelteringpines Cabotine with her twins, the moorit spotty ram and his lovely moorit ewe lamb twin. Cabotine is mioget so the lambs could also be modified.

And when I went to feed hay this little firecracker came running in with the big girls. She herself is a big GIRL. She is a gray katmoget flecket ewe lamb. Her momma is WhitePine Eiffel 65 who is a Jazz daughter out of Sommarang Emerald (black flecket).  Sire is Crosswinds Apollo who is mioget flecket smirslet so she carries moorit and possibly modified to boot!

 She's a flashy gal! I'm excited to see that fine fleece grow in too :)


Tombstone Livestock said...

Shetlands do not seem to be easy to decide on colors and markings as much as they change. 2 of my last years ewe lambs changed a lot. I also have one ewe I bought that is registered as Black, yet she it white, her face and legs have a silver coloring so she must have been registered early.

Shula said...

They are all adorable, but I love that little girl, what cool markings!

Michelle said...

Congratulations on a great-looking start to lambing! I am really disappointed that Sarai didn't settle, but her fleece is looking fabulous and is probably around 3" long, which I didn't expect after a July shearing.

Kelly Bartels said...

I cannot believe they held out until after I left. I was barely 20 mile away when I got your message that Cabotine had twins.
They are all beaties G.

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