Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lambing Update

Lambing started March 13th and has been sporadic. Since Shetlands are known to be seasonal lambers, they do not start cycling in the fall until it gets cooler and the days get shorter. It seems that even though I try to put them in together early, flush them, and keep them on grass, they still don't seem to start lambing for me until the last week of March and first few weeks of April. *sigh* Patience is not a virtue of mine!

So far we've had the following:

Finn ram x Shetland ewe - twins ram and ewe
Finn ram x Shetland ewe - single ram
Finn ram x Shetland-Cheviot ewe - single ram
Finn ram x BFL Mule - single ewe
BFL ram x Shetland ewe -twins ram and ewe (badgerfaces!!)
BFL ram x Shetland ewe - single ram
BFL ram x BFL ewe - twin ram and ewe
BFL ram x Shetland Mule - single ewe
Shetland ram x Shetland ewe - single ewe
Shetland ram x Shetland ewe - twins ram and ewe
Shetland ram x Shetland ewe - single ewe

I flushed the girls last fall with beet pulp and mineral and rolled oats and roasted soybeans. They were in amazing condition, with green pastures and wonderful green 2nd cutting clover/grass hay. The singles born above were quite large (8# pounds for shetlands 12# for other crosses) so they were well fed, just huge.

The last two weekends have been spent with sheepie friends. First Kelly and her husband Mike came up for a short visit (they are always short visits it seems!) and then last weekend I was down at Corinne's farm and got to see my ram M&M and the rest of her flock. Always fun to see her sheep! I couldn't believe it had been 18 months since I'd last visited her!

The next few weeks look to be like pandemonium for lambing. Naturally I have my best friend Briony's wedding this weekend I cannot miss and hope that the ewes hold off until I return. I'll be gone only about 30 hours so hope they can lamb before of after. My dad will be in charge while I'm away and I hope no mothers to be try to steal newborn lambs away from other moms like what happened to me on Monday. I swear those Shetlands are SUCH fantastic moms, that they want every baby that is born before their own.

That's the update for now. More soon (and photos too!)


Potosi Sheep Farm said...

Yes it is frustrating waiting for Shetlands to lamb! No matter how early I put the ram in they breed when they want. It just goes with their spunky, independent nature!

Stevie Taylor said...

Good luck with the rest of lambing! It gets so nerve-wracking around here at kidding season that I am afraid to run to the store. Of course, most of my girls do just fine without me but I like to think I am needed :)

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