Saturday, May 8, 2010

F1 rams for sale

I have several yearling F1 rams available immediately due to Oliver's back going out (read Vet Bills)

WhitePine Caiphas. Gray Katmoget. Greenholme Holly x Justalit'l Chloe. 65.5% UK. Ultra Fine fleece (21.7 AFD), crimpy 3" fleece. AbAa, BBBb, SSS?. Gorgeous wide sweeping horns. I just can't keep all these gray katmogets!

WhitePine Ephraim. Mioget. Heights Orion x FirthofFifth Evidence of Autumn. 62% UK. Was used extensively both here and at Cynthia's FirthofFifth Acres in Wisconsin. Modified, and I also got several lambs with krunet/smirslet markings on their heads. AaAa, BbBb, SSSs. Fleece staple very crimpy 3-4".

WhitePine Uphaz. Musket Smirslet Sokket (white tail also). Shirehill Minder x Underhill Ulla. 69% UK. Not uses last fall. Horns are growing atypical but not fatal. AgAa, BbBb, SsSs. Fleece length 4-5"

FirthofFifth Barish, F1 Campaign Timothy three year old proven ram. 53% UK, BBBB, AbAa, SSSs. Poll carrier. Polite, respectful, fertile, fleece staple 4-5 inches, very crimpy.

Can be delivered to BSG in Eugene OR or can meet half way between here and your place.

My flock is OPP, CL, BT and Johne's tested annually. Micron tests annually. Heavy culling. I wouldn't sell, what I myself wouldn't breed from.

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Franna said...

Garrett, I'm still interested in Barish. Just have to figure out how to pay for everything. I don't envy you the vet bills! Best of luck with Oliver.
- Franna

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