Friday, May 14, 2010

Thoughts on lambs

I am just tickled with this year's lamb crop!

I moved the sheep to another spring pasture....since we were SO dry, and cold, that the grass wasn't growing and it still can't keep up with their needs. Three of their paddocks are already exhausted, and they need rest, and not sure how much rest I'll be able to give them. *sigh*

Anyway, as I was out moving the fences and watching the lambs, I was amazed at my Texel sired lambs! They are just fantastic. I want to get more mules to breed to champ. I am sold on the Texel as a producer, and I can't wait to taste them this fall and see if they stand up to their fame of being so tender! mmmmmmm!

Breaking down the colors:

FOUR white ewe lambs

4 gray kat rams, 10 gray kat ewes (most are spotted)

2 fawn kat rams, 1 fawn kat/moget ewe (all head spotting)

8 moorit rams, 7 moorit ewes (most of these lambs are modified)

3 black rams, 3 black ewes

1 moorit gulmoget ram

1 black gulmoget ram, 2 black gulmoget ewes

1 musket ewe

gosh most lambs ARE spotted. at least smirslet or krunet on the heads. That's fine with me!

Most of the lambs I'm really tickled with. And since i had such a ram year last year, it will be nice to hold over so many ewe lambs to see how they mature in their first fleece. So much to learn yet, but every day is so much fun :)

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