Monday, May 10, 2010

Photos of rams for sale (F1's and F2's)

Below is WhitePine Ephraim. He is sale pending.
Another shot of Ephraim and his lovely horns on the left. WhitePine Uphaz who is on the right is still available. Notice his shorter horns, could be a poll carrier as Minder was his sire.
WhitePine Caiphas, F1 Holly F3 Minder. Nice large and wide set horns. Beautiful dark katmoget markings.
Caiphas standing (sorry its blurry)
Ephraim and Uphaz are in the middle of this photo.
The black ram is F3 Jericho/F3 Orion and was one of my nicest histograms last fall. He is out of Arapaho and Centennial. He is 6 weeks younger than the other boys so a bit smaller than the rest but he will grow up nicely. The gray katmoget on the far right is ShelteringPines Vini Vedi Veci who is a Blues x V Creek Guinevere son. Veni is an F2 Jericho x F3 or F4 Greyling (i'd have to check). Below is a better shot of the black ram's horns. Veni's horns are not fatal, and are tipping out. Uphaz is the musket sokket smirslet in the back. nice solid body. The black carries moorit, with no spotting or modified (for those working for whole, solid colors).


Potosi Sheep Farm said...

Ephraim is beautiful! I love the ram I got from you and can't wait to put solid genetics into my flock with him. He and Seylah are doing great and have settled in nicely. They still won't let me near them tho! Thanks for sharing your breeding lines with me.

Kathy said...

Very nice, Garrett. :)

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