Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hard to argue now

For those who like to have facts that are actually backed up with references that are quoted and later used in bibliography style points, I urge you to go to the NASSA Education blog. They have done an amazing amount of work and time and emotion in this newest post. Its extremely long, well organized and is backed up with document after document after document with their findings.

Its hard to argue now with all of this evidence of what Shetlands always were and what they are now. Those that like to say 'its a fact' but never back it up, well, I guess its time you find your documents and articles and PROVE what you are saying isn't just hearsay. And not just the book, but the page and sentence >:)

I'm always up for a lively debate. Word of mouth no longer cuts it.


Mim said...

Garret are you bring rams and/or ewes to Black Sheep to show them or sell some?

cedarfen said...

Off the subject, but when are you leaving for the Black Sheep show. I have a ewe for you to pick up and wanted to connect with you on it.

Let me know. Heather

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