Monday, September 13, 2010

Jefferson 2010

I need to find the time to post more but let's just say this:

1. GREAT and AMAZING friends!

2. Wonderful food, laughs and memories!

3. Wool judging was fantastic!

4. Mule show kicked butt!

5. BFL show had a good turn out of spectators and I was happy with the judging.

6. I believe everyone I know is camping next year. WAY MORE FUN!

Best Jefferson to date!


Potosi Sheep Farm said...

Now I wish I had gone!!!! Bummer...
Garrett, I missed all the fun. Next year for sure. Tell me all about 2010 in your next post.

Ok Acres said...

Camping at 2011 WSWF???? You betcha. And, I hope to bring a trailer load of sheep to show....who's with me???

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