Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why I don't like to show

Too time consuming!

I'd rather just display my sheep. I'm proud of what i breed and raise, but this halter training...especially the Shetlands is ridiculous. They are going to embarrass me :) The BFLs need showers, trimming up wild locks on their bellies, washing faces etc...Thank goodness they are much more docile.

I'm looking forward to the show this weekend but it always sneaks up on me. And I'm always rushing around here trying to get caught up. Even with help from my friend Adam for the past week, I'm still not caught up!

Hope to see you kids there!


Somerhill said...

Good luck at Jefferson!

corinne said...

I'm right there with you, brother. I have been halter training and have some of the lambs going very nicely, but then I decided to bring another girl at the last minute and she is, well, like popcorn on a rope....maybe I will have Briony or Marie take her in the ring :D.
See you Friday afternoon!

Carol said...

We'll see you there Garrett. Good luck getting the sheep ready.

Rayna said...

Mom wants to know if you'll let her show one or two of your sheep since we're not showing this year :)

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

We nicknamed one of our lambs "Fly" cause that's exactly what she was like, a housefly with a halter on. It was crazy. Anyways, knock em dead, look forward to updates!

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