Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rams for sale

I have several Shetland rams and one BFL ram available for sale.

ShelteringPines Pumpernickel Pogo. Smirslet Sokket Flecket Gray Katmoget. Carries moorit and solid. Outstanding conformation, nice wide set and spiraling horns. Fleece is more disorganized fleece. AFD28.4, SD 6.1, CV 21.6, CEM 11.7. This test was his third fleece.

UnderTheSon Arapaho. dark red moorit. F2 Orion. Could carry spots. Outstanding conformation, left horn is somewhat close to jaw but has passed. Fleece is again more disorganized fleece. 2nd fleece microns: AFD 26.3, SD 5.7, CV 21.5, CEM 11.4.

WhitePine Ulam. F1 Minder. Light Badgerface yearling. Smaller ram with nice conformation and horns. Rare pattern. Could carry spots. Carries solid. First fleece test: AFD 22, CV 5.7, CV 25.9, CEM 11.3, CF 90.8%

WhitePine Caiphas. F1 Holly. Gray Katmoget. Large sweeping D style horns. Unorganized crimp. Carries moorit and solid. Yearling fleece microns:AFD 21.9, SD 4.7, CV 21.5, CEM 8.8, CF 95.8%
I love this ram but I have four half sisters of his and 2 F1 Holly ram lambs that I'm keeping.

Sheltering Pines Burma (Bluefaced Leicester) Natural Colored. Two years old. 2nd fleece microns: AFD 27, SD 5, CV 18.5, CEM 9.2. I'm going to use him on a few purbred ewes and lots of Shetlands for mules this fall but he is available after breeding season.

If anyone reads this far I'm going to use Jazz one more time and have him collected. He will be available to the right farm who can appreciate an 87.5% UK ram. He's F1 Jericho, F2 Drum Ram etc, homozygous black but he carries solid so he can throw gray katmogets or blacks. He's also very spotted and throws wild spots when bred to ewes that are spotted or carry them. His third fleece microns were better than his twin Blues: AFD 26.7, SD 5.4, CV 20.1, CEM 9.1, CF 74.5%, SF 25.8. Only super serious inquiries about him please. I have two nephew's of his out of Blue's that I am retaining....Veni, from Stephen out of Blues and V Creek Guinevere and Nekomis who is from Cynthia and out of Blues and Bramble Nadeen. I have retained 14 of his ewe lambs and I think that's probably enough :)

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Donna said...

Oh...if you lived closer! I LOVE your picture of Jazz on your blog and have admired it MANY times.
NH to Minnesota back to NH....not happening....*sigh*

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