Monday, October 10, 2011

Meet the Rams Part 1: Wintertime Jazz

How can I start with any other ram?

Jazz was not my first ram, but the ram that has done the most for my flock and its continual improvement. I've used Jazz for four years and this year he sadly gets to sit out of breeding. I plan to use him next fall on some of my lambs from this year. I have many of his daughters and grand daughters to use this year instead.
This picture says it all...

Jazz is At/Aa, BB/BB, Ss/Ss, MM/MM. Jazz is 87.5% UK, and very mellow, respectful guy who keeps the peace between all the other rams and still is the #1 boy on the hierarchy of rams.
Shoulder area fleece.
Not too bad for a 4th fleece, mid side.
Not perfectly standing but he is very square.
If you are interested in leasing a few ewes to breed to the Jazz Man, he would be much obliged :)

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Michelle said...

Like you said, the photos say it all. I am very pleased to have a Jazz granddaughter!

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