Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Meet the Rams Part 4: WhitePine Christian

Christian is a ram I wintered over the first year as I was impressed with his conformation and fleece type at birth. His biggest fault is that although his tail is properly fluke shaped (by lifting his tail and seeing the proper shape) it appears to be a bit wooly (not enough hair at the tip). But it is fluke shaped. He also is on the smaller side, but his mother is a small ewe and I'm not holding that against him.

Christian is out of UnderTheSon Arapaho (F2 Orion) x WhitePine Centennial (F2 Jericho F3 Minder). he carries moorit.

Christian is a mellow boy who has 7 girls with him this fall (6 katmogets and a musket) as I'm hoping to get some solid lambs out of them. they are all proven Ab/Aa.

Perfectly Square
Mid-Side, last rib
Just above the britch

Christian will be available after Thanksgiving this year. He has nice length to his fleece and crimp from front to back. Of course there is britch, he wouldn't be Shetland if he didn't have it :)


Kelly Bartels said...

I really like this guy.....almost as much as Jazz.

Garrett808 said...

Well he IS a Jazz grand son :)

Michelle said...

I agree with Kelly; he has a great "look," with a really pretty head!

Franna said...

Garrett, your rams are exquisite! Thanks for sharing them.

Potosi Sheep Farm said...

He's really nice Garrett.

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