Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meet the Rams Part 3: WhitePine Barnabas AI

Barnabas is an F1 Orion, F2 Timothy with a splash of Lightning behind him. When he was born I wasn't impressed with his birth coat, but his fleece has not disappointed since then! In using him for breeding last year I believe his horns are abherent. They are not symmetrical, nor are they very 'heavy'. While I do like the round horns I don't think are true 'round' horns either. Maybe i'm way off.
He's pushing in to me a little bit in the below photo, but he is pretty square, but not perfect. very typey tail.
Mid-Side, last rib.
Right above the britch

I'll be using him on about 10 ewes this fall and then he will be available for sale. Please inquire.

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Kelly Bartels said...

Sent a guy your way today. I love how level this ram is.

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