Friday, October 19, 2012

2012 Breeding Gorups Part 2

ShelteringPines TelSay Camden - moorit gulmoget smirslet sokket (Forrest x ShelteringPines Catherine) is a triplet ram lamb with thick horns but I'm not sure if he has one gene for polled or if they are just tight fitting horns? Either way he is a fine fleece gulmoget that is owned with Kelly Bartels and myself. This year he is up at my place and I thought I'd give him 10 girls to tide him over until next breeding season. His yearling micron was AFD 25.3, SD 4.5, CV 17.8, CEM 7.9, CF 87.9 and SF 24. I've been tying for gulmgoets with low CVs and just haven't been able to get them, until now. :)

Let's pray I get some gulmogets from this group of ladies!
WhitePine Nivea AI - Jericho x ShelteringPines Nirvana. She carries moorit and spots and is fine fleeced. Heck even gul/kats would be nice from this breeding. Lower CV is the goal on this one and anything else is bonus.

WhitePine Lydia - Jazz x WinterSky Layla AI. She is still number 2 ewe here based on fleece traits only. She carries spots and moorit as well and again anything out of this should be fine fleeced and bonus if spots.

WhitePine Saku - Levi x Skor. Jet black yearling ewe who could carry spots and moorit. Time will tell. She is very dense and soft, and this is an interesting match up based on pedigree alone.

WhitePine Robyn - Wintertime Jazz AI x WhitePine Rush - white ewe. She should/could carry spots/moorit and fleece wise this should be a great match up. Heck i'd even like white from this.

WhitePine Shakira AI - fawn ewe Heights Orion x WhitePine Skor. She coudl carry spots and my plan is to lower CV again with this breeding. moorit based lambs is always a good thing.

SHelteringPines Cabotine - mioget sokket krunet - Fudge x Ceylon, this is a somewhat linebred breeding but hoping for lots of spots from this pairing of great fleeces and conformation.

BlackForest Tersk - moorit gulmoget ewe - Ephraim AI x FirthofFifth Towanda - she carries spots and I'm hoping I only get gulmogets from this breeding. She's my only mature gulmoget left and I hope that by putting all my eggs in one basket gives me something that is gulmoget, spotted and with Camden's lower CV.

BlackForest Andalusian - emsket ewe - Ephraim AI x FirthofFifth Anki - she carries spots as well as moorit/modified and I hope for a finer fleece with spots, even emsket would be ok :)

Underhill Cystal Gayle - mioget NINE year old ewe that i got for her horned ram genetics and her pedigree. Seems a lot of people have her in their background and although not super fine, bred to Camden should make it finer and with some nice horns.

FirthofFifth Basotho - gray katmoget - Ephraim AI x FirthofFifth Blottir - a great deep bodied ewe with lovely fleece just a slightly higher CV. I hope to get anything from this as long as its lower CV.

As you can tell there is some fleece improvement ewes in here, but also plans for spots and hopes of lots of gulmogets !!

The other ram in this post:
Sheltering Pines Le Jardin Suspedu (ShelteringPines Grand Luxe x SHelteringPines L'air du Temps) is a dark,rich moorit ram lamb I found at Stephen's farm while there for Michigan Fiber Festival. He's fully horned and has great conformation as all of Stephen's sheep have. He's dense, crimpy and feels quite fine (as he should, he's a lamb). He's obviously a spot carrier as both of his parents are very spotted.

His ladies (I capped it at 7 as he's a lamb)

RYL Rachildas. white illget ewe. She's TEN this year but is still top ewe here. She's Awt/Ag but I know she carries spots so hoping for one last time(?) for her breeding pure. She has always produced lovely lambs when bred to fine rams and I'm hoping for a nice horned ram (or ewe with horned ram genetics) from this. Plus I'll know it carries moorit.

WhitePine Eiffel 65 (Jazz x Sommarang Emerald) is a smirslet sokket flecket gray katmoget ewe and I'm hoping to see if she produces moorit with him and hopefully spots. Fine fleece will be apparent in this breeding and I'm looking forward to the lambs.

WhitePine Sedalia (Jazz x Minwawe Sterling) is the only ewe left from my 2008 lambing season. She's always given me outstanding lambs and I'm hoping bred to Jardin she'll produce spots and fine fleece again and maybe even in moorti! Love my Sedalia lambs.

WhitePine Colby Calaigh AI - Campaign Timothy x WhitePine Centennial) is my only F1 Timothy on the farm and will be her first breed. She's a jet black, non sunbleaching ewe who is very typey, dense, and sound. Hopefully fine fleece and intense moorit lambs will abound here.

WhitePine Des'ree - Levi x Sommarang Eva - black krunet ewe. Another non sunbleaching black ewe with sound body. She is F2 Jamie and I'm hoping the intense moorit/black colors come out in this breeding too.

WhitePina Nina Sky AI - Jericho x ShelteringPines Nirvana - bleset sokket gray katmoget that carries moorit. Retained her daughter from this year and hoping for spots and solid lambs next year from this breeding.

ShelteringPines Corinna - black light badgerface ewe who is NINE this year. She usually triplets and I'm hoping for light badger face in black or moorit and anything above that will be gravy!

So ends the second reading.

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