Monday, October 22, 2012

A few of the rams

I hand sheared the entire flock of sheep this year and although it was a learning experience it left some of the sheep with 'bits' on the ends if I didn't get them after the rise, or missed a few areas (like belly wool on some).

I've been remiss of taking photos of them for that very reason but wanted to show you what I'm working with this year. More to come, but these were just shot of the boys in their 'holding pen' next to the barn. They are getting restless waiting for the ladies who are in and around the same barn! I'm so terrible I know!

JJ Brother Arlo is an 87.5% imported semen Leicester Longwool that carries English Blue recessively. He was used on several Shetland Mules last year and I loved the lambs so will be using him again on more of the girls.

UTS Gabardine and LittleRedOak Eino. Eino is a brown Finn and he will also be used on many of the Shetland Mules this year. His lambs grew quickly and had quite a few 'mioget' colored fleecs in them to boot. Gabardine is available immediately for breeding season.

Jazz The purebred Shetland is in from of the Leicester Longwool. Behind Jazz is a Shetland Mule ram lamb. He's badgerface/english blue and is spotted. Behind him is the Finn ram Eino all for size comparsion. Jazz is 98 pounds, ARlo is 145 and Eino is 160. The Shetland Mule ram is around 80 pounds. For kicks and grins he's getting some Shetland Mule ewes just to see what I can get. :)

WhitePine Radler - black yearling scurred ram. My pick ram from 2011, he's sitting out this breeding season. He's available for sale immediately for someone who wants correct conformation and the polled gene. (Nekmomis x Rahu)

OK Acres Cadillac is available immediately. He is abhorrent horned, meaning he has one gene for polled, one for horns. I am retaining 6 of his ewe lambs so he is available.

Jazz and Gabardine for size comparison. Gab is a yearling, Jazz is 5.Jazz is available Dec 1

Jazz hands.

WhitePine City High AI. F1 Lightning waiting until next year to be used.

Radler again. Serious guys he's a gorgeous jet black polled/scurred ram.

Jazz and WhitePine Negro Modelo (Roman AI x Nirvana). He's sitting out this year. Incidentally Kate liked him best last year of my lambs and he still needs to fill out. He is out of a horned ewe.

City High again.

Cadillac with Eino the Finnsheep.

WhitePine Flo Rida AI  and ShelteringPines TelSay Camden. Both are getting 10 ewes this fall and for various reasons. I do like their depth of body, conformation, and pedigrees. Flo is available Dec 1.

There are the boys with the Shetland Mule in the background.

and again.

Here is Flo Rida from the front. Great wide spread horns and width to him.

Camden on the move with the moorit ram lamb from Stephen in the background. It was overcast and hard to photograph some of the other boys.

That's it for today!

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