Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More ewes available

After going through my maternal lines, I have a few more that I have 'doubled up' on and these ewes are available now, or bred to one of my rams that I am using. Breeding fees are $50, on top of the purchase price.

WhitePine Robyn - white ewe - Wintertime Jazz AI x WhitePine Rush( F2 Orion). She has an exquisite fleece, wonderful length of fleece and wool on cheeks and polls. She hasn't been bred yet, but will be bred this fall. Last Micron 24.3 AFD, 5.3 SD, 22 CV and 10.1 CEM with 86.2 CF. $350

WhitePine Nivea AI - F1 Jericho - gray katmoget ewe (Jericho x ShelteringPines Nirvana). She carries spots and moorit, a very fine fleece. I'm keeping her twin sister, mother, half brothers and sisters and neices so she is available to an approved Fine Fleeced breeder. Last micron 24.7 AFD, 5.7 SD, 23.3 CV, 9.7 CEM, 83.7 CF $500

WhitePine Shakira AI - F1 Orion - fawn/light moorit . Orion x WhitePine Skor. She is modified and hasn't been bred yet, but will be this fall. I have so many AI ewes I should start to share the wealth :) Last micron 21.7 AFD, 5.9 SD, 27 CV, CEM 12.6, CF 89.3. $500

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