Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fleece and Yarn

Every once in a while you see fiber posts here :)

My goal of having a proper 1927 Standard Shetland sheep that produces top quality breeding stock, grass fed lamb, AND a fine fleece every year, is really the ultimate sheep! AND they eat a lot less than most of the 'meat breeds' and don't require any grain!

Today I spent quite a bit of time pooling similar colored fleeces together to get ready to make batches of roving, top and quilt batts out of them. The grade 1 or 1/2 will go for roving, and then i have grade 3 and britch that are going for roving and/or quilt batts and then have Grade 1 neck wool getting made in to top. Granted one must always have the money to do this, so if you are looking for something specific I can send that to be processed first, for a deposit. Otherwise they will sit here, skirted, separated and ready to go when there is ever extra funds to be used for that.

But I DO have some that is already done :)

I have some 4oz Grade 2, White Shetland yarn, 250 yards, 4 oz skeins available. They are $21 dollars each, plus shipping. 

Here is a photo of the warm black/shetland black batch of lightly skirted (yes I see the VM) that will go for roving or batts. If you would rather just take several pounds of raw wool this is fine too! There is 12 pounds of this in this bag and I would sell it for $12/pound plus shipping.
And then I have my show fleece from WhitePine Lydia (gray katmoget). Its around 4" and is skirted heavily. It is 2 pounds 11 oz and is $43 dollars plus shipping.
Below is WhitePine Naomi (fawn katmoget) with her 2nd fleece. This is also skirted heavily and is available. I must check the weight (the fleece and card are outside)
And I do have BFL yarn too! This is DK weight, 6 oz, 300 yard, 2 ply (one white, one natural colored) next to a scarf that my friend made for me out of a skein. Doesn't it just knit up awesome? And its super soft.

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