Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crazy Busy!

Its been over a week and no new news! No new calves, no new lambs and nothing much to report.

I did finally till the garden and plant my asparagus roots, onion starts and broccoli and cauliflower plants. Its too chilly for much of anything else.

I'm dog sitting my good friend Erica's German Shorthair Pointer Rukkus. He's 5 months old and a WILD CHILD! he dug a hole under the gate to let Ell out to run around while I was at work the other day. thankfully my Grandpa is on the farm during the day and she found him right away and he fixed the gate issue.

I've been a working machine trying to catch up on spring clean ups. Next week I do fertilizing and prepare for the onslaught of mowing. First it needs to rain. even with the four huge snow storms in April we had, its a dust bowl here and we need rain to make things green!

The cattle have been doing their annual break a fence/gate/feeder month where every night it seems they are finding the weakest point in their pen to make an escape for green grass. I know girls.....soon enough you'll be in pasture...did i mention we need some rain?

I checked the remainin ewe lambs from last year to see if they are bred. They are all showing signs of pregnancy, however most will not be due til the end of May, early June. I KNEW I should not have kept the rams in until the 5th of January! I'd rather KNOW they aren't going to lamb, than to have such LATE dumb of me! What was I thinking!!

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