Sunday, May 11, 2008

"New to me" sheep

I met Mary Ellen "Bo Peep" in Mpls yesterday evening in the torrential rain :) After hearing about her terrible 'end of the world' scenarios replaying over and over again at her farm, and her asking folks to take her sheep somewhere safe, I had to act. I am glad that I could help such a good friend out in her time of need, and that I'm able to give them a good home, or find them a good home. I have a few more coming. She could only fit so many in the back of her truck at a time! I would do this for any one of my friends and would expect the same from you guys to if it came to it!

Minwawe Hopscotch with her Ag flecket ewe lamb Minwawe Merry Go Round. Hopscotch was hand sheared a few months ago so she is not in full fleece. Isn't her girl a DOLL!?
SheltrngPines Wind Sprite is actually SHAELA!! (my third one already!) and her twin HST ewe looks dark brown, the other will be a fawn. ewe lambs are Minwawe Twister Sister and Minwawe Sea Breeze.
Minwawe Flopsy and her twins from this year. A black ewe lamb with 'bedroom eyes' and a black and white HST ram lamb. I have Skippy also from Peeps from last year. She is a Flopsy daughter as well. Lambs are Minwawe Mopsy II (ewe lamb) and Minwawe Cottontail (HST ram lamb)
Minwawe Do Si Do is a two year old black HST ewe with her moorit yuglet flecket ram lamb, Minwawe Fiddler.
And another photo of Fiddler just because I think the's cute :)


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Wow Garrett, how neat to get a whole new bunch of sheep. They look very nice too. The flecket ram is so flashy.

I worry about my sheep finding good homes too if I couldn't keep them for some drastic reason. The drought has been significant here, which is why I'm keeping my numbers down. But I can't even imagine the weather conditions that have been roaring through other parts of the US.

It's great that you were able to take some of ME's sheep. It looks like you got some really sweet ones.
:) Sabrina

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Woohooo! Gorgeous new additions - congrats!!!

Rayna said...

I'm jealous! Can't wait to see my new sheepies...that flecket is really beautiful!

Kathy said...

You have a very big heart, Garrett! And thanks to that heart, you have some very nice sheep!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Are the top two the only new ones? I'm assuming the shaela didn't come from Peeps....

I have a similar opportunity to help a fellow troubled breeder out and get some new polled stock, and would love to, but I'm afraid doing so would cause WWIII around here with DH. We already have six "too many." Sigh. There are a *few* advantages of being single and calling all your own shots...but I wouldn't give up my DH for anything!

Garrett808 said...

hey Michelle! Actually the shaela is a ewe that Stephen bred, but I DID get all of the sheep in post from Mary Ellen. She got Wind Sprite as a lamb and has used her every year for lambing for spots. Seems to have worked by the looks of her twin ewe lambs :) So yes, you counted right. TEN sheep in the post :)

and I NEED a significant other to TELL me NO! Or do they have such things as financial interventions? LOL

Kathy said...

Do we all need to meet at your place for the Intervention, Garrett? I think we'll have to start a "Floating Intervention" for most of us Shetland breeders, eh? LOL!
I thought of you this week as I shovelled our front walk - Tuesday we got 6" of snow. Now I hear we'll be over 80 F by Sunday. Is this crazy or what?

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