Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dog Walking

Ell, Zoe and Mac

My mom and sister always have this great idea to walk the dogs in a group. All of their obedience goes right out the door when this happens! Its like a Kentucky Derby for Cardigans, trying to see who will be in the lead, as no one ever wants to be the LAST one. Just for the record. I CAN walk four dogs comfortably in town, on sidewalks. They tend to all stay on the sidewalk and move well for me. The gravel road I think has more smells and sights to see. Especially when the road grader has just gone by and stirred up a host of new smells.
Sadie and Oliver

And I just had to get a group photo!

Front Row L to R - Sadie, Ell, Oliver, Zoe, Mac. Back row - my mom Ruth, sister Lindsay


Rayna said...

I have that racing song running through my head....the one that you make when you tap your fingers? lol best way i can describe it.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Super Cute!

Sharrie said...

Maybe someday I will get one of those guys. They are handsome devils.

Kathy said...

You can sure tell ya'll are related! :)

And the dogs look so good, Garrett! Have you ever used any of them herding? You need a dog cart and a five-dog hitch! LOL!

Rayna said...

And now that I think about it...I like how *they're* walking the dogs and *you're* taking the fair is that? :P lol j/k

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