Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sadie's great weekend!

Sadie had an amazing first weekend on with the AKC sanctioned agility trial with the Fargo-Moorhead Kennel Club. This was Sadie's second agility trial ever (last fall in September we did a NADAC sanctioned trial where she got her first leg in Tunnelers) and she did such a great job!
A quick recap:
Saturday: Novice A Standard - 100 points (perfect score) and 1st place. She also received her first leg for her NA (novice A standard) title by qualifying for this.
Saturday: Novice A Jumpers with weaves - 100 points (perfect score) and 1st place again!. She received her first leg for her NAJ (novice A jumpers with weaves) title by qualifying for this.
Sunday: Novice A Jumpers with weaves - 95 points and 2nd place. She qualified for her second leg for this title (you need three legs to get a performance title).
Sunday: Novice A standard - NQ (not qualifying) due to HANDLER ERROR when I touched the table when I asked her to 'down'. D'oh silly me!!!! I finished the rest of the course with her however because I felt it was great training for her.....and me! She did the rest of the course great but of course no 2nd leg as I touched the obstacle.....Hello i'm NOVICE!!

Thank you to judge Lavonda Herring of Lagrangeville, New York for being so amazingly nice and comforting when she could tell I was nervous! I didn't sleep well friday night and AFTER our first Q on saturday morning I almost threw up because I was so GLAD it was over!

Sadie was so happy thoughout the entire event and even barked a few times while running (barking is SO unlike her 99% of the time) and she even was the FASTEST time in ALL levels of Novice A JWW on Saturday!

That's my baby girl!


Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

oh and a BIG congrats on Sadie's accomplishments too!!!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

That's amazing!

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