Monday, August 31, 2009

New BFL lambs

My new boy, a white, carrying color (just what I wanted!) with a heavier fleece (Beeston Titan seemed to give his get more fleece and the lower, bigger/heavier ears). He is F2 Titan, F2 Titus, both parents are F1's so he is still at least 50% UK bloodlines. He is going on several Shetlands for mules as well as several of my BFL ewes. He also happened to win the competitive ram lamb class at MFF. Beechtree Silverdale x Beechtree Eskleydale. i took about 50 photos of Kirk and still no good ones. This was the best. I need to get him outside and stacked for you to see his amazing quality.
Below are twin ewe lambs from Stephen. Since I did end up getting most of his remaining BFL stock (Carol Bator got most of the rest) he is now officially out of them and such a pity. He had beautiful representatives of the breed.

Sheltering Pines' theme this year was Latin phrases we use in Enlgish. The girls then are called Sheltering Pines Sine Qua Non and ShelteringPines Prima Facie. The only difference between them is the ear tag number and Prima has a small black spot right above her front left hoof. I LOVE their dark blue pigment and the fact they carry color :) Beechtree Cragganmore x Beechtree Kearsley (who I'm also getting at Jefferson)

Prima Facie means 'at first sight', meaning I had to have her 'at first sight' :P

Sine Qua Non means ' something absolutely essential'. Which yea she was absolutely essential ;)

The rear on Prima Facie. Just beautiful...
And this is ShelteringPines Veni Vidi Vici which means "I came, I saw, I conquered". This guys fleece is just amazing. I liked his brother too but Rich Johnson took him hom. Veni is out of Wintertime Blues (Jazz's twin brother) and V Creek Guinevere, an F2 Greyling. I think this boy will be amazing with some of my girls. His tail is up here and it looks wooly but i guarantee you its just this photo. More photos tomorrow hopefully of him when he isn't 'releasing fertilizer' :)

NOW do you see why I needed another gray katmoget ram? :)


Sharrie said...

The new picture on you heading is awesome. What an idyllic scene!

Potosi Sheep Farm said...

You certainly got some beautiful BFL sheep. I agree, it's a shame that Stephen is no longer breeding BFL sheep! You should have some beautiful lambs next year.

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