Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Rams

You are very right. I know. I'm crazy. I'm a fool. What on earth do I need two more rams for when I have so many lovely ram lambs? It is indeed a valid inquiry. So let's discuss it.

My long term goals was to have a group of animals that encompassed all colors and patterns. Certainly with three black gulmoget ewes I'd get gulmoget lambs right? In two years that answer is no. So I really wanted a gulmoget ram and now I have one. FirthofFifth Angus has now made Ramsay Farms his home. He is shaela/emsket to boot and I love the fact that I can get modifed AND gulmogets out of him. He also has full horns, something that most gulmogets here in NA do not have, so I am very pleased to have him. He is not as fine as my other boys so he will be used very selectively on my finest ewes in hopes of modified and gulmoget lambs (better if on the same lambs!) Below he is pictured with my two year old FirthofFifth Barish, my now softest ram, who is an F1 Timothy. (note the aberrant horns!)
A fuzzy photo of Angus' side.
Now before we talk about Pogo, let's discuss why i needed a 3rd gray katmoget ram. Well this boy is definitely spotted! (smirslet, sokket, with a white tail). He is out of a ram I really appreciated Underhill Thelonis Monk, and a ewe I adore, Justali'tl Bedegrayne. His two year old fleece was approximately 27 AFD, 5 SD, 19 CV so I'm hoping the low SD and CV can be brought out in his lambs. What's better is he is AbAa and he carries moorit!

I have found in my quest for the finest fleeces that most of these animals have not been spotted and so my flock shows that as I've moved most of my spotted lines out as they have not been fine enough for my goals. I hoping that between Pogo, Jazz, Barish and Angus (first two are spotted, second two carry spots) that I'll have some dynamite lambs next spring.
Below head shot of Pogo and his gorgeous horns
A side view. Sharrie I must say he has not bashed anything yet (knock on wood) and he is actually quite gentlemanly with me and the other rams (although at feeding time they do tend to push each other around some)


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I LIKE that Pogo! The gully's horns are growing too close already for my taste, just the sort of concern that shoved me over to pollies....

Kara said...

Hey Garret,
I just looked at your sales page, it is looking good. I like the sales rules list. I think I need to develop one of those for next year. Your new rams are handsome. I broke down and am adding to my flock too (from Kristi). Crazy I know! The ram is single coated and half polled so it will be interesting how he may change my views on things. I figure there is only one way to find out what I like best for sure. :)

Rayna said...

I have more rams than you and would have taken both in a heartbeat, so you did good, G ;-)

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