Thursday, August 27, 2009

where is my camera and poultry issues

I have to stop living out of my vehicles...i can't ever find the right thing i need, i.e. my phone charger, my sunglasses and now my camera. ugh. i could have used it tonight!

I put the pair of white faced Black Spanish bantams in with my OEGB and their chicks. I also put my 10, eight week old Guinea keets in the pen and closed the doors/windows for a few weeks to acclimate everyone. My OEGB rooster was nearly taking out the feathers of the WFBS so i threw him outside (ok ok placed him gently). THEN the two yearling Guinea Hens that I was able to trapt kept harassing the younger keets. *sigh*

I was reading Michelle's blog about her chicken problems and it IS safer to just walk away. So I kept checking back hourly and all of a sudden I could NOT find EIGHT of the keets! Apparently they got IN the wall and I had to break the wall apart to get them out. Not once, not twice. But THREE times (they are slow learners). *sigh*

On a note...when I returned from my 12 day stint I was missing FOUR OEGB now I'm down to 10, and it looks like four roosters and 6 hens. It is amazing that they can fly up and over a 5 foot wall when they are so tiny yet (size of a baseball or smaller)

WHEN and IF I find my camera I'll be taking new photos :) I promise!


Nancy K. said...

Oh MY!
What are OEGB?
I love the pretty, cute, funny side of chickens personalities but do know that they can be nasty, mean, wicked and cruel creatures when it suits them.

I did put "Star" (my wheaten (?) Ameraucana) in with Storm & Sky & Scarlet and they did not exactly make her feel welcome. Poor little girl! I put her in at night, while everyone was roosting, so there were no problems at the time, but in the morning they chased her mercelessly. Last night she was sitting on the roost next to Sky so I think they're making progress...

corinne said...

You had better find your camera before Jefferson, little bro : )

Michelle said...

When Brian and I were at the State Fair yesterday, we cruised through the mostly empty Poultry Building and I got to see a pair of OEGB and I think a WFSB rooster (he was labeled as "other breeds" bantam but he had a very distinctive white face!). Such perfect wee birds, those OEGB!

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