Monday, August 24, 2009

Updated BFL photos

I had posted these to my website but not everyone that follows this checks the websites :)

Below is Sheltering Pines Nubia (Sheltering Pines Nightwatch x Beechtree Black Pearl) I love everything about this ewe except her smaller ears and ear set.

Below is Sheltering Pines Morovia aka "Ears" (Sheltering Pines Nightwatch x Beechtree Kearsley) She is headed to Jefferson!
Potosi Llanddewi is from Kathy Davidson. Finely fleeced yearling ewe (Beechtree Thorndale AI x Potosi Ffion)
Beechtree Kiloran is my favorite ewe (Beechtree Glennfiddich x Beechtree Blue Mist). She is headed to Jefferson!
Beechtree Kershope (Beechtree Titanium x Beechtree Kearsley). I do not like her pinched shoulders but otherwise a very nice brood ewe.
CrossWind Clover (Beechtree Gunnerton x Beechtree Shonah)
Sheltering Pines Burma with buddies (ShelteringPines Nightwatch x Beechtree Blyth AI)
CrossWind Bea (Beechtree Gunnerton x Beechtree Magpie) Another friendly ewe with a light silvery taupe fleece.

The photos of my newest BFLs will be coming in the next week or so :) Stay tuned!


Somerhill said...

A beautiful group. So, do you have your AI groups all planned out yet?

Becky Utecht said...

Wow, there's a lot of white on Bea's face! I am looking forward to figuring out the genetics involved in the differences we are seeing in the English blue pattern. Thanks for posting the photos.

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