Sunday, February 21, 2010

BFL photos

The other day I had a few moments to snap some photos of the BFLs. Below is Cross Wind Bea, with amazing reach and drive (I've been around dog shows far too much! :) ) I moved them into a closer pen to the barn to watch them now as they are quite pregnant, and she was trying to find her old pen and was dashing about the pen :)
Below the natural colored one is Beechtree GlenLuce, she was Reserve Champ in the NC BFL show at Jefferson last fall. The white head looking is Beechtree Kershope.
A group photo of 9 of the 10, although some of them are hiding.
Another shot of 9. The sun was gloriously bright that afternoon!
Another shot of Beechtree Kershope.
Bea on the move again, and a few of the other ladies.
Three of the BFLs from Stephen Rouse. ShelteringPines Catalonia, ShelteringPines Morovia aka "Ears" and Beechtree Kearlsey, who is Morovia, Kershope, Prima Facie and Sine Qua Non's mother (I like her get so much I had to get her too!)
Lambs are due around March 5th or later, and these girls are carrying big twins, or triplets, or are greedy, fat girls :) Fingers crossed for multiples!

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