Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A fine day

I'd like to post about my spinning retreat but I am WAY TO EXHAUSTED to think too far ahead or back for it.

Today I traveled to the MN/WI border to pick up my two rams that were being borrowed by my good friends Cynthia and Christopher. Burma, my natural colored BFL ram and my F1 mioget Shetland ram Ephraim. I also delivered a puppy to Sharrie and one to a gal who flew in from Oregon to pick her up. Two pups down, one more to place. If you are looking for a wonderful herding dog who will love you and cuddle you his entire life, let me know. :)

It was really fun to see Cynthia and Christopher and have some coffee and catch up with them. its amazing it had been three months since I had last seen them!

Burma and Ephraim also I think were glad to be home tonight. Burma is turning into such a handsome boy....almost being two now. He's really filling out and is SUCH a gentleman. I lead him through the barn and alleys with just a finger under the chin. And he's never been halter trained :) I love the BFL breed!

ok I'm heading to bed.

1 comment:

Rayna said...

I love the BFL fleece... :D Still not so sure about the breed :) But I'm liking them more and more :)

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