Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I was out on this glorious 31 degree day, with snow melting off the roofs, water pooling, and gorgeous blue sky. Its weird that its February. Typically February is the coldest, windiest month of the year for us. NEVER temps above 20 degrees for a HIGH, and our lows are always under 0.

I had just a few moments to stare at the BFL girls in their winter paddock. I don't spend a ton of time out there because its the furthest from the house, but I was PLEASANTLY surprised to see large udders and swollen vulvas on 7 of the 10 ewes! their due dates start March 3rd but I'm sure they'll be sooner. Two of the other ewes were AI'ed and aren't due until April 5th, so haven't started showing yet, and the 10th ewe, is Llandewwi, who doesn't appear to be bred. Again. She may have been caught in the clean up pen, so that wouldn't be until the 3rd week of April, so time will tell!

I don't know what I was thinking but lambing STARTS the same time that Ell is due to whelp her puppies! Egads!!

But its nothing like LAMBS to signal the beginning of spring! Even if we are a balmy 31 and I was doing chores in a t-shirt!


Rayna said...

*sigh* Can't wait to see your lambs start hittin' the ground!!! :)

Laura said...

Puppies? They will be cute! I'm sure things will work out with lambing and puppies coming. I can't wait until May and grass!

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