Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shetlands Available

I am compiling my 'for sale' list of sheep available.

I'm planning on traveling to Gettysburg, PA the last week of April, and also Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR in June. Sheep can be transported to those destinations. Ewes will not be ready to move until the June transport or later.

FirthofFifth Angus - dark emsket krunet gulmoget - S27909 twin, born 3.7.08, 25% UK

UnderTheSon Arapaho - dark moorit - S26588 twin, born 3.27.08 42% UK

FirthofFifth Barish - gray katmoget - poll carrier - F1 Timothy -S25042 twin, born 3.31.07 53% UK

WhitePine Uphaz - smirslet sokket musket - F1 Minder S29977 twin, born 3.27.09 69% UK

Micron reports, prices, fleece descriptions etc are available privately.

Ewes: (available after weaning of lambs)

Justalit'l Chloe - homozygous fawn katmoget - F2 Minder (Bartok daughter) S15371 single. 31%UK. This ewe I have really used heavily on AI, having had her bred to Greenholme Holly, Shirehill Minder, and Todhill Jericho (at Cynthia's). She is a 4" fleece intermediate fleeced ewe with more wool on tail than hair, but has hair and proper length of tail and fluke shape. She has given me three ewes and ram, all of them I"ve retained. I'm also borrowing her jericho daughter that Cynthia owns. She is going to be 7 years old this year but she is going strong and very healthy. She deserves to be used in another flock. She carries spots. CV of 20.7. Highly improvable. Friendly.

RYL Rachildas - Awt/Ag white ewe - 13%UK S18143, twin. Rachildas will be 8 this year. I"ve kept her two white ewes and a white ram from her out of Orion from last year. This year she is bred to Jazz. Another 'foundation' ewe with wonderful conformation, hardy, healthy and a great mom. Her Ag lambs are always spotted (bersugget) so she also carries spots as well. My 2nd favorite ewe on the farm is her daughter Rahu who is out of Forrest. Rachildas is another intermediate 4" fleece with a CV of 22. Highly improvable.

FirthofFifth Evidence of Autumn - mioget S20267 twin, born 4.22.05. She gave me a gorgeous pair of mioget lambs out of Orion last year. Typey Shetland ewe with intermediate fleece.

Justalit'l Shasta - Ag/Aa Gray smirslet flecket horned - 25%UK S21032, born 4.15.05 twin. Has some 'mane' behind her ears. Conformation lovely, great mom, solid, healthy build. Friendly.

Minwawe Dark Chocolate - black krunet domestic ewe with intermediate fleece. Conformation is outstanding. S28418. born 3.18.08

Minwawe Flopsy - moorit ewe. conformation is excellent, intermediate domestic ewe. In most of Mary Ellen's pedigrees. Great mom, friendly. born 4.12.02 twin. carries spots. proven sound ewe.

Minwawe Sea Breeze - moorit smirslet sokket, intermediate fleece, domestic ewe. twin. S27945.

Sheltering Pines Snow Cloud - smirslet gray katmoget - intermediate fleece. dam was a primitive true spotted emsket. She produces loud bling. improvable. CV of 22.5

WhitePine Castle Rock - F2 Jericho. gray katmoget S27559 twin. born 3.31.08. Retaining her sister and her daughter.Lovely black face

WhitePine Columbine - S 27562 black long silky intermediate AFD of 20. twin, born 4.7.08. Was a bottle baby and is SUPER friendly and sweet. loves to sit on your lap (if there is room). F2 Jericho.

WhitePine Twix - long moorit iset intermediate fleece. twin born 4.25.07. S26418. Her lamb fleece was crimpy and a gorgeous dark moorit. She went iset after her first shearing. Some people like it. I prefer not to use it in my breeding program.

Minwawe RedBud - long intermediate emsket fleece. Domestic. born 4.5.07 single. AFD of 22.4 as a two year old. Smaller ewe.

I think everyone who enjoys the diversity in Shetlands can find something in here that they like. This is just the preliminary round. There will be more added after micron reports and lambs are born. Some I'm waiting for a ewe lamb that is better to replace their moms. I'm hoping that I have more AI ewe lambs this year to choose from :)

Today my dad and I vaccinated everyone for CD/T and trimmed hooves. With the longer walks of the ewes this past year, I'm happy to say that the hooves need minimal trimming. Not surprisingly the rams had the longer hooves as they have less distance to travel to eat :). Spoiled rotten too.

For anyone that has read this far, I may be willing to part with my beloved Jazz. With four gray katmoget ram lambs to hopefully use this fall, Jazz is getting less and less ewes each year. I have retained about 11 of his ewe lambs the past few years and hope to keep a couple more from him from 2010's lamb crop. Please inquire.

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