Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cattle are finally out to summer pasture

We kept 8 cows that are 9 months pregnant home. They are all due any moment. Seriously. I've not typically had cows calving so late but I wanted to have some of the UK semen utilized the first year. So far from that semen I have a red/white and a yellow/white. Both bulls. Due to the limited semen (20 straws of each) I will be retaining both to evaluate as yearlings. Lord only knows what these 8 at home will produce. They'll be spotted. I'm hoping for a lot of heifers and yellow!

The larger group of 19 went to our northern pasture. Its about 30 acres of lower lying area, where the grasses never dry out. Since nothing has grazed it this year some of the meadow grasses are taller than the cows back! Its so impressive. The stock ponds are full of water to the brim and the clovers, fescues and other grasses are so lush they will have a glorious time out there. There is so much grass I am hoping to not have to bring them home until deer hunting season which is the 1st weekend in November.

What a great stress reliever!

The rest of the day will be spent mowing my lawn, my parents, my sister's, and then weed pulling and setting up the dog agility courses again. I'd hate to get the girls too rusty :)

Enjoy your day everyone! its a beautiful one here!


Nancy K. said...

Why did you wait so long to turn the cows out?

Have doing agility! I'd love to do it with Bella but just don't have the time... :-( Heck ~ I haven't even obedience trained her!

Garrett808 said...

Hey Nancy!

We had late calves. And a procrastinating father :) I couldn't do it alone so I had to wait for him to have time. usually they are out in pasture by Memorial Day.

obedience is easier AFTER agility. At least for my cardigans!

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