Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a few sheepie updated photos

This was the storm that passed through yesterday between 3am and 3pm. It was really wave after wave of tornadoes, hail, high winds, heavy rain and then it would remain dark and start all over again. Yesterday we had a total of 4 MORE inches. Our two week total is over 20 inches. That is nearly half of our annual rain fall. We typically have very hot and dry July and August. The photo was taken around noon. notice how dark it was. it was also only 64 degrees. Once the system passed and it got back to normal, temps were in the 80s and it was very very muggy.

RYL Rachildas the 8 year old white ewe and her ewe lamb out of Jazz, WhitePine Regina.
Here is a closer photo of Regina.
RiverOaks Eliza. She is such a love! Here she is deciding if she should come in for a chin scratch or go lay down with her son......
I guess her son won out..... He is an F1 Timothy son and 59% UK. He and Regina are just a shade under the size of their mothers.
On the left is WhitePine Charity, a yearling gray katmoget out of FirthofFifth Barish and WhitePine Castle Rock. She is F2Timothy F3 Jericho F4 Drum Ram etc. She has really blossomed as a yearling! The right is WhitePine Neriah, also a yearling. She is out of Wintertime Blues (Jazz's twin brother) and ShelteringPines Nirvana, a gray katmoget horned ewe that is one of my favorites! Neriah was bred to the polled ram WhitePine Levi and gave me a beautiful gray katmoget ewe lamb I named Norah (Jones). It was a good blend.
I 'believe' this is a photo of Neriah. You can see her subtle hints at facial white spots. She had obvious ones at birth. I really like this ewe.
Potosi Llandewwi and a ram lamb out of Beechtree Kirkdale and ShelteringPines Corsica.
This handsome lad is one of few solid moorit ram lambs I raised this year. Out of Sheltering Pines Myra (ShelteringPines Starry Night x ShelteringPines Morgan Le Fey) and an F1 Orion homegrown boy. He's really looking fantastic!

I have gone through my first evaluations of ram lambs 16 have made the initial cut. There are some that I have that blood line already in a different ram and will offer them for sale now.

WhitePine Beck - F2 Orion F2 Timothy etc. Fawn Katmoget Smirslet. Scurred. Ab/Aa, Bb/Bb, Ss/Ss. Carries modifed from his daddy.

WhitePine Ray J - F2 Orion. small smirslet behind ears and on forehead. Longer fleece will most likely be double coated. Minwawe dam. Is fawn but could also turn mioget. Lovely horns. larger than dam already.

WhitePine Eminem - F2 Jericho - gray katmoget smirslet. Jazz x Sommarang Emerald. His mom is wildly spotted and he will carry that. Will most likely have a 5-6" fleece.

WhitePine Guetta - F2 Orion - moorit/fawn gulmoget. Ephraim x Wintertime Galina (forrest daughter). He doesn't seem to have very much side dusting right now and will have a 5-6" fleece. Carries solid.

WhitePine Twista - F2 Orion - moorit. will have more like a 4" fleece. has remained darker.

WhitePine Toby Mac - F2 Orion - black gulmoget smirslet. brother to Twista. Very similar fleece. Carries moorit and solid.

WhitePine Coolio - F2 Jamie F2 Holly. small scurs (poll carrier) gray katmoget. carries moorit.


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Regina is sooooo beautiful.

Becky Utecht said...

Yes, Regina is beautiful and it looks like you're keeping Eliza well fed. :)

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