Monday, July 12, 2010


Being away (yes again) for a few days always gives me a refreshed and sometimes new outlook on my flock or herd.

I was gone to Jackson, Wyoming, where my cousin got married. Her new hubby lived out there before he met her and it is JUST AMAZING. I would move my entire operation out there if I had somewhere to work. Unfortunately most 'towns' are really just a post office and a general store (no really!)

I came home and found a package from a UK friend full of SSS Magazines, fleece samples, photos of their sheep and other neat articles. I explained most of it on the Finewool Shetland list.

When I went to the pasture, I was able to look at ram lambs and see horn growth with a new eye (instead of the same one that looks at them 5 times a day). I was able to see ewes' condition better after being away, and some sheep that were hidden in the flock before presented themselves tonight with a 'wow' factor.

It was all very exciting.

This week I have several people coming to pick up sheep. I'm pretty excited for them to see my flock and new lambs, as well as get them their 'new' sheep. I hope they are very happy with them and that they go on to produce well for them. I love that I have animals in my flock that others are interested in and for that, I am honored.

I am off to bed. I am too tired to function much more and need to snuggle my dogs before I crash on the bed!

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Lisa said...

Next summer, my daughter and I are taking a road trip through Wyoming and Jackson is one of our stops!! I have always wanted to see that part of the country! You just got me all excited about it again.

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