Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thank you Shetland Breeders

I've been going through and updating my spread sheets for my sheep. Every year I track things like UK lines, % UK, micron variation in lines and within animals. I also remember things that I have forgotten over the past year.

Like RiverOaks Lucy is a Justalit'l Black Lambo great grand daughter. I have both of them :) They are the foundation of my polled stock here. Two vary different ewes, but yet have a lot of the same qualities I found appreciative of in the first place.

Looking at the CURRENT flock genetic makeup, I wish to thank the following people for allowing me to purchase sheep from them. Becky Utecht (2), Karen Valley (1), Meghan Namaste (1), Lori Stephanson (2), Wally Rutledge (1), Gail Former (1). Jim Chastain (3), Tami Mulder (2), Susan Kimball (3), Stephen Rouse (4), and my mentor Cynthia Allen (11). The balance are all ewes that I've retained from my breedings. I have purchased from others but their sheep are no longer in my flock for a host of reasons that are not the fault of the breeder (mastitis, fence jumpers, etc), and there are other flocks that I'm hoping to still add something from in the future (Theresa, Sabrina, Michelle, Rich/Jen, Franna, Juliann).

With the constant mission of the 1927 Standard in front of me and in my mind (and not something made from one person's opinion like the 2004 handbook), I will continue to strive for sheep that represent the breed that the Shetlander's have grown to love and depend on for food, clothing and humor :)

The concerns with my father have been fixed, for ten years, at which point my dad hopes that I can purchase the farm from him. WOW. That's a huge responsibility! Am I ready for it? Maybe in 10 years I will be :)

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Cynthia said...

I sincerely hope that at some point an organization will be created to help you in your work toward a respected, defined sheep.

Glad to hear that you have worked out that family issue. 10 years goes by so fast; swim hard!

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