Thursday, February 7, 2008

Feeling Better

Maybe its the longer days and bright blue skies.....

Maybe its the fact that I've been running, eating heathier, tanning, and visiting friends. Heck I even went out DANCING last weekend and wow was THAT a good time. It had been far too long!

Maybe its all the support from my critter friends (both publicly and privately) from my blog....

Its been getting better.

I have met someone new, I have found out what is making the goats sick, I am excited about my upcoming litter of pups. I'm excited for spring, for lambs, for calves, for pigeons.

I finally mated some of my pigeons up last night. I normally put them together Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day...but always before new Years. This year Its going to be Valentine's Day before they are all paired up.

I leave next wednesday for Denver to job hunt and house hunt. Something keeps telling me I need to get away for awhile, have a budgeted income instead of this feast or famine I've been dealing with for the past 10 years. At any rate, I need a change of a job and if that allows me to stay here great. If I need to move, maybe that is just what the doctor ordered.

My dog website,, has had 300 hits in the past 4 weeks. That's an all time high and the interest in my dogs, my upcoming litter and such is quite flattering. Even if its just nosy dog people checking out what I'm up to, that's great for me :)

I spent awhile out with the girls today. Man I can't believe that some of the girls are already rooing in their necks. Last year Buttons did this and she is the first one to start. A few of the older girls are also rooing, and I can't believe it, considering the freakishly cold weather we've been having.

Its true what everyone has said in my previous post. Family, Friends and pets sure make me feel better. I just wish I lived closer to all of you! The animals have a simple way of showing affection and humor. Its so appreciated. Its so calm to be with them, their daily routines so carefree and stress free. I wish I were animal.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Oh my, a move to Denver would be a drastic life change! Does that mean all the birds and animals but the dogs would be left behind or sold? I can't imagine you moving EVERYthing.

Kathy said...

Sometimes a dorr is opened, and sometimes you have to make a change. We've all been there just have to do what you have to do in life. I will be keeping positive thoughts that IF you decide to move, it will be because there are good things that await you in life.

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