Thursday, February 7, 2008

More sheep photos

Underhill Peep. Thanks Gail! A musket that is just so dang adorable and friendly. Notice she is also starting to roo on the neck. She is bred to Forrest the black gulmoget.

Speaking of black gulmogets, here is my Tailka, who is bred back to her father. Her 'lightening' on her sides was very late in coming so we are hoping that her offspring bred back to Forrest will get us solid bodied gulmoget lambs. She'll be AI'ed this fall to Timothy.

Here is Jasmine Phoenix. She is Ag and katmoget. I guess her proper name is Moget Face. She sure has matured nicely. Such presence and her fleece is a creamy white. In front is Cori, a primitive super soft solid black ewe. She microned at 24.

Here is Rolo. He's saying "oh look at how sexy I am, please photograph my good side. He is fawn, who might even be a mioget like his dad, Bourbon. Quite the gentleman.

PayDay. He is indeed black, with just now finally getting some sun bleaching. His scurs wrap tightl around his head. Hey Michelle, here is your man.....he carries modified, spots and the poll gene :)

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Looks like I'll be getting just such an animal, minus the breeding potential, sometime this spring. I don't need another ram (proven poll-carrier EWES would be nice!), but I DO need someone to keep my ram company. Stay tuned to my blog for more news on that....

For someone who's thinking of moving, you're sure doing a lot of advance planning in the breeding department! Oh, and what did you learn was killing your goats?

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