Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yearly Inspection

Well Kelly V. just drove down the driveway. Another inspection under my belt :) I always enjoy visiting with her about all types of animals, experiences with them etc. Too bad the inspection only takes 10 minutes and the rest of the time is shootin' the breeze :) ha ha

No fancy photos like Nancy does with Kelly. I feel Kelly might 'get a big head' if we all were taking photos of her hard at work!

Having the girls locked up in small pens gave me a chance to really look at the girls' fleeces and MMMMMMMM.....YUMMY is all I have to say! The mature ewes all have a nice length to their fleeces as well as density, and most have some nice crimp to them and wow are they soft! It may be hard to get good photos indoors and with a flash but hopefully they will suffice for now. The sun doesn't look to be coming out today.

Most of the goats and sheep were friendly enough that we didn't have to catch them and stress them out. Some were down right curious of the clipboard and those loud plastic booties! Others, like Rachildas, my mature white ewe, was quiet defiant that she had to be locked in a small pen, with other ewes, inside. The audacity of it all!

Will be back in a bit with some good photos hopefully!


Kelly V said...

Nope, trust me, you will not get any big headedness from me. Not the way I work. It all just part of my job. That I can make it more enjoyable to do for you guys is just a perk. Glad I can keep you all happy :-) I loved meeting the corgis. They are so cute. See you next year.

Kelly V said...

With that comment goes: I really don't like having my picture taken so I am totally fine with none of me posted :-) I don't like the attention.

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