Saturday, March 1, 2008

No Puppies :(

Maggie is milking it for belly scratches from my sister and my mom.

Maggie was ultrasounded this past friday for the second time. Last week, they thought they saw 2-4 sacs but couldn't see any movements or heartbeats. This week they saw nothing and heard nothing. I'm not completely surprised. Maggie had a prolonged heat cycle and didn't come up in Progesterone until after two weeks (typically 5-7 days after initial discharges start). There is no shipping via UPS for Perham on a saturday or sunday, and the vet clinic is closed wednesdays, saturdays and sundays. As the stud dog breeder said, she isn't surprised either with all the walls we had to climb over to get the semen to me, get her inseminated and then get her inseminated on the right days. I'm bummed, but not sad. Its one less thing to have to worry about.

I haven't emailed the potential puppy buyers yet. I'm quite bummed. I had a really GREAT group of people lined up for the puppies and they would have made amazing homes for these puppies. They did their research and they really like the breeding, better than any others that were on the ground or in the planning stages. That makes me feel good that people agreed with my breeding choices and especially that they made it so hard to pick just 6-8 great homes.

On the downside I was hoping to keep a boy and a girl from this litter. Its not everyday that someone offers you a bitch to use for a breeding. Maggie will be going home on Monday where she will be Steve's lap dog again and they will try for a litter of red pups on her next heat cycle which will be sometime in June or July.

I cannot complain though. With two amazing girls to show now (Zoe and Ell) I am sitting pretty good for the future and I don't think anyone can stand in my way with two great girls like this :) I'm still really lucky!

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