Monday, March 17, 2008


I really have had it with the local vets around here. Ever since I'd had the goats and sheep I have had to literally bribe, drag or drug the vets to even consider coming out there. And yet on days I don't need them I see them in their trusty pick up trucks driving all over this county.

Their fear of the unknown or fear of these species or me has got to quit. Isn't it their job to help??!! Isn't that what I pay them for? Its not like i DON"T pay?

When I had a goat the first year having kidding problems I called 12 vets in FIVE counties to try to have them come out. Goats are on the bottom of the totem pole in case anyone is wondering.

Today, a simple blood draw for mineral testing in the goats. All they do is prick the vein in the neck with a needle and collect blood for a red top and a purple top. I called the closest large animal vet. Their test tubes expired in 1997. They don't know what to tell me. UGH

I call my equine vet who by the way told me that she'd help me with the goats and sheep. After she got married she's been acting strange and has all kinds of excuses why not to come out. Last time it was 'geez Garrett I just don't know what to do with those animals....its been 10 years since i've dealt with sheep or goats". Well honey read up! She's lost my equine support at this point. Today she said she had a posse meeting an hour away and "can't" tonight. Isn't that was EMERGENCY rates are for as well as farm visit fees???? She said she's booked all day tomorrow as well. Give me a break!

The third vet has refused to return my phone calls, will not answer the phone, is never in the vet office when I stop in or call, and yet I see him driving all over the place. He is the one who has been doing large animal (cattle, horses, GOATS and SHEEP, swine and poultry) for over 30 years!!!

I'm about ready to post their names all over the internet and newspapers as incompitent vets and that no one should use them and give a list of reasons why.

They are vets, they, like doctors are on call at all times, emergency or not, especially if i'm willing to PAY for that extra.



Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I guess the only GOOD vet in your area packed up and moved to NW Oregon in 1989! Hee! (But I really AM sorry those who are left are such turkeys.)

Becky Utecht said...

Garrett, our local vet office had a policy that they would not do farm visits for sheep - period. I had to bring in emergencies to be checked in the parking lot or pay for an office call if they needed a full workup. It was actually much cheaper that way. They also gave plenty of advice over the phone and provided meds for pick up. Then about three years ago they quit doing large animals! I was lost until I finally found a young vet who will come out here. BUT I sure can't afford to pay his trip fees, so it has to be a true emergency for me to call him here.
Have you asked the vet offices if you could pack up the animals you want drawn and bring them to the office? Or even better, could you wait until Kelly comes out for your next visit and have her draw the blood?

Sharrie said...

Wow!! I didn't know that I was so lucky. I sure hate to read about all the trouble you are having. I think I would have to give up if I couldn't get a vet to help out. I hope you find someone soon.

JLB said...

I know I'm a bit late and you probably wont even see this but a lot of it has to do with politics vets have little or no protection against being sued for any little reason so when they are lacking in knowledge most take the easy way out and avoid the situation rather than risk doing something wrong and being sued. It is unfortunately the world we live in. I will be making a post on my vet blog soon on drawing your own blood. Then you could just take it in to them :)

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