Monday, March 31, 2008

Justalit'l Shasta gives me girls!

The black smirslet ewe lamb
Above and below are the Ag krunet ewe lamb. Thoughts on this one?

Shasta gave me two six pound ewe lambs this morning. a black smirslet ewe lamb and an Ag krunet ewe lamb. Her markings are interesting huh? Next up I would have to say would be Cori, but then again I was proven wrong yesterday :)

Total so far 5 ewe lambs, 1 ram lamb, all sets of twins from mature ewes!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

What are the genetic of Shasta's lambs? That second one almost looks like a spotted gulmoget. Could she be Ag/gulmoget (forget the designation)?

Rayna said...

Yeah, she's got the Gul markings...but no eye crescents. It'll be interesting to see if she develops them later. After all of the wonders you're having, I better have a moorit gulmoget, or I'm gonna cry...Spotted moor gul ewe lamb with perfect crimp, soft handle and excellent micron...I don't ask for much, do I? :D

Becky Utecht said...

Congrats on all the lambs Garrett! I hadn't visited your blog for a couple days and I missed all the excitement at your place! The little Ag krunet girl looks like she could also be burrit. Burrit is like an incomplete glumoget, with just the light underparts. Who's her sire?

Rayna said...

That's the name! I couldn't remember it...Burrit...I told him that on the phone, but couldn't remember it lol...Yeah, I think he needs to just drop all those lambs off at my house :)

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