Monday, March 17, 2008

Ladies in waiting

Let's see more sheep, huh?
Jasmine, Moget Face, bred to Heath the moorit

Rachildas, bred to an F1 Orion son

PiLo the katmoget, bred to Forrest the gulmoget

Meleng, Shaela ewe, bred to Jazz the F1 Jericho

Lavender the dark fawn, bred to the F1 Jericho boy Jazz

These girls are all fatties. Ok. There. I said it. Well they are. But they have an excuse...they ARE pregnant! And by the looks of it they are all going to have some hefty twins (maybe trips?) All these girls are two years old or older so I'm hoping that they'll all twin. Some of them like Cori are so huge and have udders. Others have very swollen rear ends and some walk with their tails stuck straight out like they have sticks up their butts. All signs of labor, but alas, i'm probably just hallucinating huh? Or they are all trying to trick me. Last year I thought for sure Jasmine and Cleo were going to lamb weeks before they did. I did the calculations and they are due around the 26th of March, give or take a few days. So really within the next few days I could see some early girls. And I would think I would have to, with the way they plod along and moan and groan when they get up and lay down. I'm proud of 'ma boys' as they were quite from the gate last fall :)

This is Chloe a homozygous Katmoget bred to Jazz
Peep the musket from Gail Former, bred to Forrest the gulmoget

This is Cleo demonstrating how to pose for a proper neck scratch!

Cori, my shorest and smallest mature ewe, with the biggest udder and belly right now. She is bred to Jazz.

KitKat my fawn katmoget from last year. She is bred to Heath for hopefully some soft dark moorits or kats


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Wow, from the side I'm thinking two of mine look more pregnant than most of yours! Watch for current photos and info on my blog today....

Kathy said...

Nice photos, Garrett! My Amanda always looks like a tick about to pop - I always think triplets, but she usually delivers big twins. We have until mid-April or better to find out. So I have to consol myself viewing everyone else's lambs.

Happy Easter! And I hope all your ewes deliver without any problems and everyone is healthy and happy!

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