Tuesday, March 25, 2008

BOYS will be BOYS

PayDay the scurred boy. He's black....I'm guessing 'warm black" as his skin fleece is black.
Rolo with PayDay. Rolo keeps getting lighter. He was fawn for sure and is registered as such but perhaps he's going to be a mioget like his daddy Bourbon.
Heath the moorit. Boy the flash sure wrecks his color. He is the deepest colored moorit I've had to date (which is obviously not long, but most of my moorit girls are more red, versus mahogany)
Here is Barish the F1 Timothy. He has been rooing for weeks now and he looks ridiculous :) His horns are either super slow to grow or are Tea Cupped or scurred. Juliann, care to gander a guess yet?

Well i've found out I can no longer sit in the pen with the boys. I can only admire them over or through the fence. The "Napoleon complex" that all horned male shetlands have has started to get the better of them.

PayDay, Rolo and Jazz are all very friendly. Not obnoxious like the ewes are, but they are polite enough to come to the fence for scratching. Barish and Heath come up to eat out of my hand, but I don't normally have anything so they quickly back up. Hansel refuses to get close at all. That's ok! Different personalities.

I don't like to pet the boys too much, but I've learned if you only have two hands, only have two rams :) The one that gets left out bashes the five gallon pail you are sitting on, or worse, your leg. Even a friendly alpha drop to the floor by yours truly doesn't phase them, so I just dont' make it a habit to go into the pen anymore. At least not to sit down. They'll only get worse as they age. And these boys are only just going to be yearlings. Last year I sold Bourbon to Gail V. at about a yearling so I don't know how they'll mature past this time of year. Should be fun to see. Bourbon sure looked good!


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

The little black and white goat is adorable. I've never seen any like him!

Juliann said...

One guess...coming up! Barish could be. How's that for a guess, lol?
Barish shares a maternal great-grand dame with my Pompey, Shelteringpines Chloe, daughter of Windswept Pansy who definetley carries the polled gene. The very few Jamie offspring I'm aware of who carried polled also have it in their maternal pedigree (Jamison, possibly North Wind James) so could have come from there.
There are a ton of Jamie offspring, very few of them known to carry polled but of course I could be wrong. I just think we'd see more polled out of Jamie if he was a half poll...like Holly & Dillon.

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