Sunday, March 9, 2008

BFL ewe lambs

Isn't it interesting to see two very related ewe lambs with two very different looks? Callaway is the finer boned, lighter build, shorter fleeced girl, Kershope is the huge beast with the longer fleece. They are related quite heavily and haven't figured out the inbreeding coefficient, but they are quite line bred similiarly. And yet they are quite different in appearance.


They are by far my most friendly ewe lambs from last year (also included is the white shetland girl, Rahu) and they all come and stand at my side and look up at me longingly. They don't want to be pet, but are waiting to see when the oat and alfalfa pellet pail will magically appear.


These two girls are so laid back, mellow and carefree....well except when its supper time, then they push and shove to the feed! There will be room this fall for a few more BFLs. I have two natural colored ewes from Brenda on hold until after lambs are weaned and i'm hoping to get a white ram that carries natural color, as well as another white ewe lamb or two. That should make a good start to the BFL group, and I'm hoping to take several of the shetland ewes that might micron too high to 'fix' and put them in with the BFL to get some mules next year. Time will tell.

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