Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fleece samples ready to go!

I tried to be a big creative and move the color spectrum from white thru grays and muskets to moorits to blacks and back again. Call me crazy.

All 31 samples are headed to Texas A & M tomorrow. For under 40 dollars I get to know all the ewes on my farm. Not a bad investment!! Plus since I've been doing it since my first lambs this will be their third test. I can see if anything has changed over their three fleeces and see if there was stress, or other things that contributed to their changes, if any.

I was SO pleasantly surprised to see some GORGEOUS tiny UK type crimp on some of the Sandstone granddaughters. His line is known for not having much crimp until almost 10-11 months old, which is where these girls are. I'm VERY excited about them. Some of the Minwawe bloodlines (hey Peeps listen up) are also very crimpy and i'm very excited about them as well.

Unfortuantely some of the girls feel coarser, but then again I won't know for sure until I get the micron reports back. Time will tell who stays and goes. Something has to give as I'll have lambs that will replace their moms or other ewes in the flock this fall. 30 is probably my maximum ewe level for the time being so I'd say 7-8 ewes will need to be moved out to accomodate the potential ewe lambs that will be staying here. So many plans, so little time!

I noticed several of the girls had a definite rise line in their fleeces, while others did not. Hopefully I can get the shearer out here sometime in April or hopefully before.

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