Sunday, March 30, 2008

I spoke too soon

Well no matter how i think the lambing order will be, they always mix it up. I brought the girls in early today for their grain mix as I didn't want any lambs outside. I've been watching diligently all day and all night both from in the barn and in the pasture to watch the girls. I jugged Cori and Shasta just in case they'd lamb as their udders are tight and their back ends are swollen with tails sticking out.

As I was feeding the mixture in the tubs, Maya starts doing that labor thing like Lavender faked last week. I thought to myself "gee look, now its Maya giving me more halucinating images". I went to go in the house to tell Rayna that I think Maya is in labor and I go back out and there is a smirslet grey katmoget ewe lamb standing in the center of the pen with Maya cleaning her off!!! I quickly jug her and the babe and she lays down and I went to call Rayna to tell her about the ewe lamb and I walk back to the jug to see her literally cannonball this cute little black krunet ram lamb out! They seem to be much smaller than Chloe's twins but time will tell. I think Jazz is BB BB but it'd be a nice surprise if he was carrying moorit!

Photos perhaps tomorrow when they are dried off a bit! Lambing has come full force today! WOHOO!!

1 comment:

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Okay, it's just mean to brag about your new lambs and then not include any photos of them! Who cares if they're still wet?

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