Saturday, March 22, 2008


I really hate typing over something that I've already typed and then hit the wrong button and it vanishes forever. So I'm not going to do that :) I'll just say something new instead :)Here is Santa Maria's little girl i've 'coined' Tiny. She is itty bitty.

Momma and babe together....Tiny is just starting to 'popcorn' here
Here is Tiny a few days later resting under the heat lamp. Tonight when I was sitting in her jug with her and momma (and both were climbing all over me! Cute for Tiny, not so cute for Santa Maria) she got sleepy and decided to lay against me and take a nap. Talk about cute. When she woke up, she put her chin on my lap and looked at me and just stared. I'm not sure if that was a 'thank you for helping me get my mom back' or 'thanks for being so warm' or 'what in the heck are ya!! but i like ya!! :)

This is Nina 2 (for now). This was the only photo where she was looking at the camera....she's been running 100 mph around me in circles so I gave up :) Her eyes are NOT blue (not acceptable in Pygmies) but that is just from the flash on the camera.
This one is of Krista who is still 'in waiting'. I took 4 photos of her and on the final one she did this. I think it was a ' BLAH!! SEE LOOK!! I DID SOMETHING SILLY SO STOP TAKING PHOTOS!'

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