Thursday, February 7, 2008

New photos of the sheep

This is White Pine Skor. She is going to be emsket I think. Or at least Shaela. She was born jet black and has continually gotten lighter. she's a stinker to catch but her fleece is indeed lighter than her mother, Meleng.

The next two girls are from Peeps. RedBud on the left, Dixie Cup on the right. RedBud was also born jet black and has lightened to a Shaela. Dixie Cup is spotted and she isn't modified, just sun bleached. She was shown at Jefferson this past year as a ewe lamb and was I believe 3rd in the class.

The next girl is FirthofFifth Pi Lo Chun. She is a grey katmoget with very dark markings. She was bred to Forrest and she'll either throw a gulmoget, katmoget or a gul/kat.

The next girl is Justalit'l Shasta. She was at Stephen Rouse's house last year and purchased by Gail Former. I contacted Gail wanting an Ag girl and this is one I picked out. She is horned, and hopefully bred to Jazz. This next fall I am planning on AI'ing her to Timothy or perhaps a ground breeding to Forrest, the black gulmoget.

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Sharrie said...

I really like your sheep pictures and descriptions. It helps to see pictures along with the type and color especially for a beginner like me.

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