Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Possible Poll Carriers

I know Sabrina, Becky, Kim and Michelle (and especially Juliann) will be pleased to see I did some research of my lines for poll genetics. I'm sure i missed some, but here are the ones I have:

Rachildas - mature white ewe. She goes back to Dailley Alabaster who is a known producer of polled rams.

Lavender - mature fawn ewe. She goes back to Walnut Rise Cameron, also a known producer of polled rams.

Shasta - mature horned ewe. Despite her horns, she goes back to Dailley Alabaster twice (one on each side of her pedigree) as well as Holly, who is a known producer of polled rams also.

Meleng - mature shaela ewe - She goes back to Holly, and also back to Timothy twice. Also Underhill Brando. We have found recently that Timothy had a polled ram in his background. That would explain Barish's scurs.

Rooibos - mature fawn ewe - She goes back to Timothy, Holly AND Underhill Brando, another known producer of polled rams.

Peep - mature musket ewe - goes back to BK6 which was one of the early domestics that was a poll producer

Tailka - black gulmoget yearling - Roban dillon and BK6 are both in her background

Rahu - white yearling ewe - Roban Dillon and BK6 are also both in her background as well as Dailley Allabaster.

Gracie - moorit smirslet sokket ewe - Underhill Brando

Skippy - fawn smirslet - goes back to Wind River Blossom a ewe that was known to throw polled rams

Slipper - moorit smirslet - also goes back to Wind River Blossom.

Skor - emsket yearling ewe - daughter to Meleng, will also go back to those that Meleng do.

Eat your heart out girls :) The greatest thing is Barish who we are now realizing is a half poll, (long scurs) was bred to Gracie, Skippy, Skor, and Rahu. We may just have a few polled rams. Don't forget Forrest a poll carrier was bred back to his daughter, Tailka, as well as Peep.


Stay tuned


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Oh sure, just rub our noses in all the polled genetics you have and all the polled rammies you could get! Phffbbt!

Becky Utecht said...

Yes, you've got some possibilities there Garret. I hope you get some polled ram lambs (and you too Michelle). The more for us to choose from, the better! The two girls I had in with Kim's polled gulmoget don't look very pregnant yet.

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